Echoes From A Biblical Past

I have just read the book of Genesis within the King James Bible. It begins with the start of creation including night and day, earth, and ‘creatures that creepth‘ and finally the creation of man and woman. All seemed pretty rosy until humanity ate from the tree of knowledge; this is when our eyes were opened to the understanding of good and evil. God then banished mankind from the Garden of Eden and into a world of separation, which is when all the suffering started.

This book has made me think about life today and how our minds create stories causing us to act and feel from moment to moment. We can wake up having a good day and quickly like the weather fade into a vortex of thoughts, like clouds forming in the sky. We get lost in our thinking and we don’t see each other as we truly are, before knowledge became a part of us.

When we are born we are pure, untainted by the thoughts and experiences of this world. We see life as brand new, shiny and exciting, and then over time we create an identity, a personality, and ultimately an ego. This ego is a mask dividing us from the spirit that lies within. It is how we define who we are and who others are to us.

We each see the people in our lives differently and this can all change based on how a person interacts with us, plus how our life experiences have shaped us. Our minds carry within them a record of data that builds up our self-identity and an internal map on how to navigate the world. Each person’s map and identity is very different which leads to a continuation of challenges when interacting with one another.

Plus, we are multiplying by the day bringing in new personalities and maps. What is this all about exactly? What is God trying to teach us by throwing us out of Eden and into a world of mass separation?

This knowledge has been utilized to create a separate self with a body that now has a name, a history and a continual warped perception of past and future. The harmony, the balance, the tipping of the scales from spirit to ego has left man and woman in a state of preoccupation with a self-concept.

What washes away this ‘self’ is a total alignment with the ‘now’ moment and a complete release of labels on all objects within our sphere of influence. When you release all ideas, all meanings and you become fully present in the moment, you get to escape into a harmonic frequency with life. You become one with creation and peace begins to rein.

So here we are, living and breathing and creating, with a mind filled with knowledge bringing with it thoughts, then feelings and with those feelings comes emotions and those emotions, emote us to move in either good or bad ways. God has given us the choice now to choose by living out our days and learning from our experiences. I believe we are here to overcome knowledge in order to return back to the one true source in which we came.  What do you think?