Core Beliefs Create Reality

Do you know what you believe? Are you aware of your unconscious beliefs? These are the ones that hide in the depths of our minds. They hold the reality we see before our very eyes. 

What does your life look like right now? Examine your day from morning to night. What patterns can you see? Do you get up at a certain time? Do you have specific rituals? Have your truly analysed your life or are you going about your everyday life without being fully conscious?

It’s an interesting approach to look at your life under a microscope. It can be eye opening and show you things you may not have been aware of before.  To go deeper than your external world, spend a day writing down all your thoughts. Yes, it may seem like a momentous task but what you find at the end of it will be a string of looping thoughts, which are creating your current reality.

The busyness of life doesn’t afford us the time to retreat inward. Distractions keep us focused outward and missing the inner world. We all have core beliefs that were created in our childhood years. These beliefs are the very foundation in which we built our lives. Without awareness we cannot change them and it is our responsibility if we truly want change, to go deeper and get to the root cause. Like weeds in a garden we must pull out the negative ones that no longer serve us.

A great way to conquer a strong belief is to knock it down like a table with four legs. For example, you could have the belief, ‘I am not creative.’ So, lets start by questioning and finding evidence as to why you believe this is true? Imagine the top of the table is the belief, ‘I am not creative,’ and the four legs are the streams of thoughts that are holding it in place. The first leg could be focused on a time in school where a teacher told you, your artwork was not good enough. This one negative comment, at a vulnerable age and you lock it into your subconscious mind. Now, this experience forms a solid leg to hold up this belief.

Leg two is formed later in life when you are painting a wall and you miss a spot. This triggers the previous experience and you solidify it by recalling the old memory and then saying to yourself, ‘Oh well, I was told I am not creative.’ Now, a second solid leg of evidence is formed and the belief gets stronger. Two more scenarios and you’ve got yourself a core belief table.

These core beliefs run like programs in the background of our minds and if we don’t challenge them with new experiences then we’ll continue to avoid creativity like in this example.   Core beliefs shape our futures until we finally break some of the legs that are holding them in place. You can create a break by having a powerful experience to counteract what you believe or by you taking control and beginning to challenge your thinking loops.

Why not start today by picking something in your life that you want to change and find out why you believe you can’t change it? Then write out the belief and under it write out four pieces of evidence. Once you’ve got the evidence look at what you could do to create new experiences and push through the barriers of your thinking. We are capable of so much more than we believe.  Move beyond your negative beliefs and step into a new reality. The choice to change is entirely yours. I am just offering you a key to a door you may wish to open.