Why Am I Here?

When I look at my life and where I stand today I often ask myself, ‘Why am I here?’ What has the divine gifted me to create in this world? This I believe will take some analysis over my past and the journey that has me standing here, right now.’

I could rhyme off an historical list of events and depending on my mindset at the time of writing I could focus on the negative or positive experiences within these events.

But how will this serve me to answer the question, Why Am I Here? I could say, ‘It will help me pick out a pattern or series of things that represent what my mission is here on earth.’ Or, ‘The details will reveal the answers, they will show me who I am,’ and yet all these memories are gone. Everything in the past no longer exists, it is just a ghost in the mind. A phantom that is actually preventing us from living out the reasons we are here.

The universe wants to expand and life is forever evolving and moving in forms and patterns. We are no different because we are part of that expansive energy and thus we are here to expand in any given moment. So, you could say the simple answer to the above question is, ‘You are here to expand.’

So, let’s look at the meaning of the word, ‘expand’, which has the following three meanings.

  1. To increase the size, volume, quantity, or scope of; enlarge: synonym: increase.
  2. To express at length or in detail; enlarge on.
  3. To open (something) up or out; spread out.

Now turn these meanings onto you specifically and ask yourself, ‘what am I here to increase, to express and to open? What is your energy drawn toward? Is it music, art, people, finance, gardening etc.? If you are saying, ‘I don’t know!’ Then you haven’t given yourself the gift of stillness or silence in your mind to hear the truth. Mental chatter of past or future thinking only distracts and takes you away from what you are really here to do. You have a unique expression of the one life force that can only be expressed through you.

Whether you are a musician, a song will only sound the way it does through you. If you are a gardener, that garden will only ever look the way it could look via your physical expression. Then another person comes along and they play the same song and it will be different and the same with a garden it will be completely different. No, two human beings create the exact same expression and that my friend is what makes us so remarkably unique to each other.

We can gift others through this unique expression of expansive energy and that has so many knock on effects around the world. Be proud of your unique energetic signature. It is so holy, pure and divine and it can only be expressed through your aliveness, your being and that is a beautiful thing.

Don’t ever think that another person is better than you or that you will never match up to someone you admire. You don’t want to match up to them or be better than them; you just want to be uniquely you. That is why we are all here, to expand our God given gifts.

Tune into your heart and stay quiet long enough to hear the inner callings alert you to your expansive creativity and go create in this marvelous world.

It is our duty to the whole to broaden our horizons, to seek new opportunities and gift our world with our presence unequivocally, loud and proud, knowing we are fulfilling our true essence exquisitely.

When this expression is halted or prevented in any form because of negative thinking or focusing on all the external problems in life, it doesn’t mean there is no expansion. It just means you are creating more negativity and more problems externally.   Remember, everything in this universe is expanding all the time. Our attention is important and the awareness to what we are actually creating in this present moment. Stop living unconsciously and awaken to your truth. The gift you hold inside can be birthed and will joyfully, lovingly and peacefully expand once you align with it.

Focus within, get still and let the magic happen. Unleash your potential as it is waiting always, calling always, very subtly at your core and it will let you know when you have arrived as you will feel alive, happy, peaceful as you expand your gift of divine LOVE.