Janet MelodyCongratulations on exploring a journey toward a passion filled life! My name is Janet Melody and I developed conscious inner beauty after I uncovered the many incredible benefits of walking down a path of self-discovery.  I have found a new positive way to live and I have trained in many different fields to offer clients a unique personalised journey towards a life they truly love.

conscious inner beauty is all about living consciously with passion and allowing your inner authentic beauty to shine.

My Journey

Let me begin by telling you how I started my own personal journey of self development.

I have always been interested in self improvement strategies, searching the self help section of book stores, picking up the latest best seller by experts such as Tony Robbins, Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer.  One particular book that caught my attention back in 2004 titled 'Change Your Life In Seven Days', by Paul McKenna led me to take a seven day workshop with McKenna himself along with Michael Neill and John LaValle.  Here I learned about NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques which change how you feel, think and act in life. I was amazed at my transformation after just one week of using these powerful techniques and after completing this workshop I have been on a path of self discovery ever since.

This thirst for self improvement strategies has given me an extensive knowledge base in which to draw upon when I am working with clients.  I ask questions that get my clients to delve deep into the sub-conscious mind to find their own solutions and answers.  We all have inner wisdom and we just need to find a way to access that knowledge and that is where I come in.  I guide you to your own truth and in seeking the truth you are free to expand and explore a life with purpose and passion.  To learn how I have helped others find their passion filled life check out the testimonials page.

My Skills and Training

I am educated to degree level and certified in NLP, Theta Healing and Reiki.

I have been learning and training in doTERRA's Essential oils since 2011 and this process is constantly ongoing as I expand my knowledge base in this amazing arena.

I have worked professionally since 2010 and have over 20 years of research in the field of self development.  My passion for self improvement means I am always reading new materials, searching online and expanding my knowledge base.  This curiosity and passion is then transferred to my clients who receive the full benefits of a therapist who is always on the cutting edge.

My Gift To You

We all have so many unique gifts which are repressed because the majority of us give up our personal power and we lose our belief in ourselves. We think we are powerless to change, but remember you are powerful and you just forgot how to harness that power. This road we call life is a life for embracing and expressing the creativity you have within YOU.  My gift to you, is to harness that power from within, to enable you to break out of any old limiting patterns and into the life you truly want for yourself.

As my journey unfolds and new lessons are learned I increase my abilities to guide you the client to where you want to be in life.  Together we work toward getting you the life you want and in turn you can create change in your community and ultimately this is how we can change the world.

If you want to seek out your passion filled life then contact me and lets get your journey started.

I look forward to helping you get on your path of transformation.