doTERRA Essential Oils


doTERRA essential oils have brought so much support to my body and mind since I started using them back in 2011 and today I could not imagine my life without these amazing oils.


They have supported the healing process of upset stomachs, migraines, sports injuries and also have calmed me when I  needed comfort.  I've shared them freely with friends, family, and co-workers which again just showed me how powerful they are at helping support the body's natural defense mechanisms to heal fast and efficiently.  Until you try these oils you won't fully comprehend their abilities.  doTERRA is also the only oil company to set an industry standard known as CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) which means you won't find purity, high-grade oils like these on the high street.  They don't contain any fillers or nasty toxic ingredients and many can be taken internally, applied directly to the skin and inhaled aromatically depending on the type of plant oil.  Always read the labels for further usage information.


To understand what an essential oil is, why choose doTERRA and more on CPTG please watch the informative videos below.


What is an Essential Oil?

Why choose doTERRA?

What does CPTG mean?

What can doTERRA Essential Oils do for me?


These essential oils can help you with thousands of physical and emotional ailments. They offer support to the body to assist its natural defenses to do the work necessary to heal. Your physical body has the wisdom and capabilities to renew itself, these oils bring strength to the parts weakened and power up the areas that your body uses to heal itself.


Whatever your condition or issue there is an oil that can support you. Please get in touch for further details and I can point you to the right oil for your specific needs.


These oils combined with Theta Healing can offer a total body workout that can bring a positive shift into your life.


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