Theta Healing™

Supporting you to follow your heart is what conscious inner beauty life coaching is all about and clearing the negative beliefs that are blocking you is why Theta Healing™ is such an effective method because it facilitates inner change.

Do you have things that happen to you over and over again like a circular pattern that is negatively impacting on your life? This could be attracting the same type of partner to always coming up against the same issues or problems. These patterns are usually connected to what you believe about yourself. Changing the negative beliefs you hold within are the keys to unlocking these circles of negativity in your life.

How does Theta Healing™ help?

Theta Healing™ is all about changing the beliefs deep within your sub-conscious mind by accessing the theta brainwave. This brainwave is the state just above sleep, utilized in meditation, the place of great creativity and openness for transformation. The practitioner utilizes this brainwave in tandem with the Creator of all that is to transform the energy that is currently flowing through the clients negative belief systems. We change and clear these negative beliefs on four different levels, the core, genetic, history and soul level.  

It has been scientifically proven via Quantum Physics that you can change the way energy moves by observing it. The observer therefore is the practitioner and the client is the physical energy. The client works with the practitioner to uncover the beliefs locked inside and like a gardener we uproot the weeds of the mind so that new plant life can grow and the individual can blossom into the person they truly want to become.

Janet is a qualified practitioner of Theta Healing™ the modality developed by Vianna Stibal who used her medical intuition to instantly heal herself from cancer in 1995. To learn more about this modality you can visit her website at To see how Janet has helped individuals change please visit the testimonials page and to book a session please use the contact form and start your journey toward a heart centered life today.