Acrylic Artwork by Janet Melody

Butterflies represent change and transformation. This piece displays the transition of moving butterflies and the colourful explosion of natures ever changing landscape. Price: £150
The Butterfly Effect
This fiery flower represents passion and when ignited it emanates outward with movement and motion. When we as individuals are passionate about something we are moved and are emotional. Price: £150
Floral Passion
This flower is energetic and magnetic, its explosive energy permeates out and draws others to it. When we are on fire with enthusiasm we can emanate a positive energy for others around us. Price: £300
Floral Explosion
A flower of depth and delight opening up to the rays of sunshine, transforming from darkness to light. When we are in darkness we can transform when we focus on a lighter way of thinking. Price: £150
Floral Delight
The following three, 'Heart Expansion' pieces represent the heart of life and how it birth’s uniqueness, beauty and creation. From a single embryo we are born into this world of creation and the heart is the beat that carries us on and on until our final day. Price: £150 each
Heart Expansion A
Heart Expansion B
Heart Expansion C
A world of colour from above, we see water, fire, earth and how the rays of sunshine reflect upon our magnificent world. Price: £175
Island Of Colour
Trees are wise and magical, many have lived for hundreds of years, their roots run deep and are powerful. This piece captivates the softness and ethereal nature of the palm tree leaves showing how light illuminates through them creating a transparency of mystical beauty. Price: £150
Mystic Jungle
Water takes many forms, a single drop in a serene pool of water creates a ripple effect that changes the water’s surface from still to a motion of circular patterns. This piece represents the intertwining droplets of water radiating and dancing on the surface. When you see this you can contemplate how a thought in the mind can branch out into many thoughts moving and dancing forever expanding. Price: £300
The Ripple Effect
Life is a series of circles. Circles of time, circles of age, circles of days. A beginning and an end, we swirl and swirl round and round until one day we are homeward bound. Price: £75 each
Swirls and Swirls A
Swirls and Swirls B
What do you see? A peacock, tulips, fish or …? This piece has evoked many ideas and it is now left to you to let your creative mind go wild. ☺ Price: £200
Life is a cycle and the heart is the very beat that keeps that cycle going.  Here we see darkness and light, a male and female heart and how they are woven into the fabric of life. We can be happy, we can be sad and still the beat goes on. ☺ Price: £150
Divine Hearts