"Janet is the second Theta practitioner I have had sessions with. After two of her sessions I am just blown away by the shifts I have witnessed in my experience. Longstanding doubts, fears, and resentments -even regarding things that were not specifically addressed in the session- have faded into insignificance. Having worked with various healers and complementary health practitioners in the past, it is clear to me the power of Janet's practice lies in the attitude she brings. It is the kind of focus and dedication to what she is doing that makes the session something truly transformative. Her approach is so clear-eyed and genuine everything easily falls into perspective, and you are able to see truly again. In my experience, it may take time for this to take effect after the session, but once the 'shift' has occurred it's there for good. So I can't recommend Janet highly enough, and I only hope many more people are fortunate enough to benefit from this capacity she has for healing."

Martin Stockdale Auckland, New Zealand

"Janet has helped me lead the best life possible. Her coaching and Theta work assisted me to overcome belief blocks and negative mindset, allowing me to grow positively as a professional and individual."

Luisa Mateu Auckland, New Zealand

"I discovered Janet's therapeutic practice during an extremely difficult stage in my life. I had reached a point in which my level of emotional resilience was truly tested due to an amalgamation of traumatic experiences. Universal coping mechanisms affiliated with Mindfulness had helped to a certain extent. However, through Janet's Theta work I was given a platform to discover the connection between repetitive behaviours and the negative cycles I struggled to break free from. Janet's approach was truly enlightening. The self-depreciating thoughts which had consistently led me to pursue similar life choices made sense for the first time. Through Janet's Theta healing I was able to reframe my own internal belief system, providing me with a positive pathway which helped to rejuvenate my sense of resilience, purpose and identity. Janet is a fantastic therapist who retains a wide range of skills and knowledge in her practice. I would highly recommend Janet's work for anyone who feels their life appears to follow a repetitive behavioural cycle."

Ashley Kay Newcastle, England

"Janet has an amazing heart that is rich in compassion and full of nurturing.  These qualities along with an ability to help me get through my issues, fast and efficiently have convinced me to put my complete trust and faith in Janet.  By working with Janet I have been graced with someone who has a deep inner wisdom regarding the human condition.  Her remarkable insights have helped me move forward without trauma and distress. My work with Janet has allowed me to become who I really am.  For that I am grateful."

Elijah Zay Vancouver, Canada

"Janet is an amazing healer.  I had the opportunity to have a couple of sessions with her. She is loving, passionate, caring and very intuitive healer.  She gets right to the core issues of reasons why I am holding onto these negative beliefs.  I would recommend her to anyone who is willing to change his or her beliefs for a better life."

My Linh Tran Vancouver, Canada

“I first met Janet Melody through attending a “Heart Circle” workshop at A Place To Be in Stanhope and following this she offered me the opportunity for a one-to-one consult to help me to focus on addressing my issues of my lack of power and control in my relationships. I found that her empathetic approach to this issue gave me the confidence to focus on one key element that we had identified through a shared meditation. She then acted as my conduit to exploring this and supported my identifying the root cause of my feeling of powerlessness. This helped me to recognise that my present feelings related back to childhood experiences which we discussed. The second phase of her consultation focused my thoughts onto my agreeing the action needed to be taken by me to own the problem and the solution. This also gave me both a physical feeling of improved wellbeing as if a weight being lifted from around my shoulders and a improved mental wellbeing as clearing of my mind. I finished with a sense of empowered positivity. I have acted on the shared outcome and have made the life changes that find me now exploring new opportunities in Maine, USA. Thanks Janet.”

Alan Charlton Community Led Solutions County Durham, England

"Janet is an amazingly gifted intuitive, whom I highly recommend to others! She has helped me through many rough patches in my life, changing the way I think and feel about my issues. Janet has freed me to move forward, changed my life and opened new doors into my future! Thanks Janet!"

Marlene Jenks BC, Canada

"Reiki Session - I found Janet very professional and the healing was quite powerful & spiritual. Theta Session - I wasn’t sure what to expect from this session but I was amazed at the difference it made. The session certainly changed blockages with my mindset.  Janet is very professional and I would highly recommend her."

Pauline Messenger Wolsingham, England

"Janet's help, support and healing skills are invaluable.  The wonderful way Janet takes you through the different steps of the healing process it's just amazing.  Never forcing for answers only guiding you with her caring words. My life and my perception of difficult situations or people has changed for the better thanks to Janet. Janet's help allowed me to open up and be free of my hard feelings toward issues that were deep inside my mind for the past 40 years.  I definitely highly recommend her!  Go and see her, talk to Janet and you will be amazed of what she can do.  Thank you so much Janet."

Annabella Baker Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"Janet, Thank you for our work together and your support. I am grateful for your listening ear and full attention. You have helped me to identify some of my limiting beliefs, talked them through with me and worked with me to replace them with more constructive ones. I also have manage to solve one of the important issues. You asked important and valuable questions which enabled me to reflect on my situation. Thank you for your encouragement in relation to my own practice and precious feedback about my website. Thank you for believing in me. It gave me strengh when I struggled with self-doubt."

Daria Alison Tudhoe, England

"Janet offered me both a Reiki and a Theta session at a point in my life when several things were getting on top of me, I was feeling stressed, run down and my health was suffering. I wasn't at all familiar with Theta or Reiki when Janet offered me the sessions, so was completely unaware of what to expect from it. After the Reiki, which Janet performed remotely (I was somewhat skeptical of how this could possibly work), I had the best nights sleep I had had in many, many weeks. All of the problems I had were still there, but after waking the following morning I felt refreshed, more relaxed and more capable of dealing with them. All of that without her speaking a word or even touching me. Remarkable. The Theta session was quite the contrast, in that it was conducted through a video call and all Janet did was talk to me, listen and seemingly guide my thoughts in the right direction. After the Theta session I felt more confident within myself. Not because Janet had told me I should, more because of how she expertly guided the conversation, which enabled me to believe in myself more than I had been. It was just what I needed to help me through certain things."

Stu Lazonby Cramlington, England