doTERRA Essential Oils

With over 6 years of personal and professional experience using doTERRA’s essential oils and seeing many lives transformed with their application it is only natural to share these amazing oils with you.

What is an Essential Oil?

Why choose doTERRA?

If you look in the supermarkets you will find lots of essential oils which you can use aromatically as scents for your home, some claim they are 100% pure and organic but none meet the CPTG standard of doTERRA.

What does CPTG mean?

doTERRA oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) meaning they have set the bench mark for essentials oils to meet a standard of potency and purity like no other. Watch this video to learn more about CPTG.

These oils can be used aromatically, topically and in some cases internally depending on the type of plant oil.   Always read the labels before usage.

What can doTERRA Essential Oils do for me?

These essential oils can help you with thousands of physical and emotional ailments. They offer a support to the body to assist its natural defenses to do the work necessary to heal. Your physical body has the wisdom and capabilities to renew itself, these oils bring strength to the parts weakened and power up the areas that your body uses to heal itself.

Whatever your condition or issue there is an oil that can support you. Please get in touch for further details and we can point you to the right oil for your specific needs.

These oils combined with Theta Healing can offer a total body workout that can bring a positive shift into your life.

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