What is Theta healing™?

Theta healing™ is a powerful technique that uses focused thought and meditation to access limiting beliefs hidden within the sub-conscious mind. These beliefs are then instantly transformed and shifted into self-empowering beliefs that create the positive desires we want in life.

The process involves entering the theta brain wave state, where we are able to access negative beliefs and allow source energy to perform the instant healing as the practitioner observes and co-creates the transformation. The Practitioner is the witness and Creator is the source energy that performs the instant healing. The method of witnessing is based within the field of Quantum Mechanics which clearly states that when you visually witness something you co-create a change.

Watch the video below for a full visual explanation of Quantum Mechanics.

How does a Theta healing™ session work?

At the start of your session you will be asked what you would like to work on?  Once the area is decided upon, Janet then asks for your verbal permission to begin the process of core belief digging.  This involves Janet asking you a series of questions, surrounding the area of concern, to find the core limiting beliefs.  These questions come intuitively to Janet, as she senses where and when a core belief is revealed.  Once Janet has identified the core limiting beliefs, she then proceeds to muscle test for validation.  (See below for a full explanation on Muscle Testing) With this validation Janet then proceeds to access the Theta state and with your permission channels source energy to clear and remove all the limiting beliefs.  Once the clearing is done, divine wisdom is downloaded to empower the client and then a healing takes place. The final part involves muscle testing to ensure all beliefs are no longer present.

How can Theta healing™ help me?

Theta healing can bring positive improvements on an emotional or spiritual level, the possibilities are endless.   Theta Healing can help in just some of the following ways:

  • Relationships
  • Self esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Phobia
  • Addiction
  • Trauma
  • Fatigue
  • Creative Blocks

A deeper understanding of Theta healing™


Brain waves

It has been scientifically proven that the brain is an electrochemical organ. Scientists have shown that a healthy brain can generate up to 10 Watts of electrical power. This electrical power is limiting but moves in different ways that are specific to the human brain and it is these movements that we call brainwaves.

There are four types of brainwaves ranging from the most activity to the least.

Type Frequency State
Gamma 30 – 100 cycles per second Problem Solving
Beta 15 – 40 cycles per second Alert/Working
Alpha 9 – 14 cycles per second Relaxed/Reflecting
Theta 5 – 8 cycles per second Drowsy/Daydreaming
Delta 1.5 – 4 cycles per second Sleep/Dreaming

The theta brainwave is when you are at your most relaxed and yet still awake. An example of a theta state is when you are driving your car and for a few moments you forget passing certain areas you see everyday, this is when you have slipped into a theta brainwave state, when your subconscious was running the show. Theta is one of the most positive, free flowing states both for creativity and change.

Core Beliefs

The beliefs you hold within your mind affect your everyday life. Many of us don’t even realize the power these core beliefs hold over us. The one thing we do know is when we are not happy or fulfilled in our lives, when we feel stuck and unable to change.

Theta healing™ involves helping you uncover the core beliefs that are located in your subconscious mind. The practitioner and client work together to reveal and release the limitations and help you move towards the life you truly desire. Many clients after a session feel more positive and ready to embrace a better way of living.

Belief work is vital to reach the emotional root causes of an issue.

All beliefs cleared are only performed when you give permission, nothing is done without your consent.

Here are some examples of limiting core beliefs:

  • I am stupid
  • I will never be loved
  • I hate myself
  • I am poor
  • I am unworthy
  • Life is too difficult

These beliefs can be located on one or all of the following four levels.

  1. Core Belief Level – beliefs from this lifetime starting at birth to present day.

  2. Genetic Level – beliefs from our ancestors or added to our genes in life. Each strand of DNA has a ‘field’ of energy that is knowledge that tells the cells what to do. This field is known as the morphogenic field and it tells the DNA how a person will be physically, mentally and spiritually.

  3. History Belief Level – beliefs from the collective consciousness experiences or memories from past lives. These memories are important learning experiences and so they must be resolved never deleted.

  4. Soul Level – beliefs of the entire person and encompass all programming. The soul is always learning and growing and therefore can be directed. Strong emotions like grief must be released from this level.

During a session we clear and release these beliefs from all four levels and replace them with more positive ones. Many beliefs can be resolved in one session and are specific to you and what you want to work on, some may take a little longer.

Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is an important part of a session as it allows us to accurately test if a belief is true or false.

How it works?

The human body has approximately 650 skeletal muscles and the subconscious mind is interlinked with the entire body including all of these muscles.

All our muscles contain our emotional energy and when we work in Theta we change the energy surrounding these emotions in addition to the attached limiting beliefs.

Muscle testing works as a complete mind-body connection. When you say something that is true in the subconscious mind the electrical and magnetic fields around the body and muscles become stronger. When you stay something that is false they become weaker.

How do I perform Muscle Testing on myself?

Please make sure you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water before you test.

Here are two different methods to self-muscle test.

Method One

Stand upright – feet shoulder width apart. Face North. To Test say out loud “YES” – you should then feel yourself tilt forward. Next re-balance yourself and say “NO” – you should then feel yourself tilt backward.

Video Example

Method Two

Sit comfortably. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger – or alternatively you can use another finger – just use whichever finger is the strongest.

Make a tight circle and say, “YES” while using your index finger from the other hand to pull apart the circle, which should remain intact.

Now try again this time saying “NO” and this time the circle should open.

Video Example

What if the Muscle Test didn’t work?

A number of factors can affect the outcome of the test.

  1. You leave your body and are not in your own authentic energy field.
  2. A specific statement could have triggered you.
  3. You are overwhelmed by a question asked and therefore you leave your body’s authentic energy field.
  4. High stress can create powerful negative emotional triggers that can affect the test.
  5. A mineral imbalance can affect the accuracy of the muscle testing.
  6. You are dehydrated.
  7. Kidneys need a little activation.

Knowing how to muscle test is a great way to get accurate information. The body never lies when the 7 points listed above don’t affect it.